Caring for Each Other and Ourselves During the Coronavirus



  • Kid-friendly, accessible approach to the Coronavirus
  • Personal hygiene habits
  • Bacteria, viruses, germs
  • Timely topic

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Reading comprehension
Science and health education

Thank you for Staying Home with CLEVER! 

The world is very different right now. With everyone spending more time inside, we wanted to create a book that helps frame the coronavirus in a way young children can easily understand. It is also meant to serve as a helpful guide for kids and their parents.

  • We are excited to share this free, educational, kid-friendly book about COVID-19 with you and your family.
  • Our foremost goal here at Clever is to help families ease the tension and fear that may be surrounding this crazy coronavirus quarantine time!
  • We’re hoping that with this small contribution we can help you discuss the coronavirus and quarantine in a non-threatening, educational way with your children.

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Елена Перова 17.12.2017

Очень понравилась книга. Ребёнок с удовольствие рассматривает картинки и ищет предметы! Заказала ещё книги из этой серии. Рекомендую. Забавный иллюстрации, приятно держатьв руках, очень сочная книга.

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Elena Ulyeva


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