Clever Big Box Of


  • An effective tool to teach toddlers alphabet and first words
  • 20 double-sided thick board cards with rounded corners
  • A perfect gift for any celebration
  • Convenient boxed set format helps to keep the playroom in order
  • Video review of the book on Youtube channel Clever




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This Clever Big Box contains 20 educational cards designed to help children to learn the alphabet.

Children can play with the cards individually or with parents. They can identify images, sort them by topics, and discuss what they observe. They can make up their own stories, solve riddles, do puzzles, or enjoy any number of other formative and entertaining activities.

Durable laminated flash cards with rounded corners are perfect for the youngest readers while the handy box makes it easy to store the cards and keep the playroom in order. This unique format is a perfect present for any occasion.

Product Details

Publication Date:
9/11/2018 12:00:00 AM
Activity Cards
Trim Size:
6.5" x 9"
20 double-sided cards
Age Range:
0-3 years
Grade Range:
Olga Utkina

Parent’s Guide

  • Basic Concepts / Letters: Tell your child the name of the letter and show how it looks like on the card; read the rhyme making accent on the corresponding letters in the words
  • Basic Concepts / First Words: Show you child a picture on the card and tell him / her its name
  • Fine Motos Skills / Tracing: Trace the letter with your finger and stimulate the child to do the same. The kid can also try his / her hand at tracing the letter with a marker since the pages are wipe-clean
  • Logic / Problem Solving: Show a picture of an object to the child and ask him / her to search and find the corresponsing real object around him / her; lay out several cards in front of your child and ask him / her to show a specific object among them

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Елена Перова 17.12.2017

Очень понравилась книга. Ребёнок с удовольствие рассматривает картинки и ищет предметы! Заказала ещё книги из этой серии. Рекомендую. Забавный иллюстрации, приятно держатьв руках, очень сочная книга.

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