Finger Painting. Level 2


Clever Hands


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These unique and innovative books are based on the early childhood development system invented by bestselling experts Olga Ouzorova and Elena Nefedova. Their methods help children develop essential skills such as logical thinking, speech, imagination, and especially, creativity and emotional awareness. Kids love to paint with their fingers, and these books make that favorite activity even more beneficial. Even for young ones who don’t yet talk, these books help build a solid foundation for speech development - all while a child is creating awesome art! With guidance from the special parental tips, children learn about animals, plants, and many other child-popular subjects. Every lesson includes a rhyme, an illustration to complete, and an example to follow. All lessons and books are organized by levels of complexity and are age-appropriate for each child.

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1/8/2019 12:00:00 AM
Activity Book
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8.5" x 11"
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0-3 years
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Olga Uzorova

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Елена Перова 17.12.2017

Очень понравилась книга. Ребёнок с удовольствие рассматривает картинки и ищет предметы! Заказала ещё книги из этой серии. Рекомендую. Забавный иллюстрации, приятно держатьв руках, очень сочная книга.

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Olga Uzorova

Olga Uzorova is a teacher, the author of study guides for elementary school. Was born in Moscow. She graduated from the Pedagogical University, worked in the junior classes of the gymnasium. The didactic materials developed by her formed the basis for various educational books. She published more than 300 study guides for the elementary school - mathematics, which tell about the world around us. Among them - workbooks, textbooks, tests. She currently lives in Moscow, Russia.​​