About us
We create children's books that make kids and their parents happy!
"Clever" is not simply a publishing house, it is a whole world of happiness for kids and their parents.

Clever Books are more than just beautiful, interesting and useful. Ours are modern and educational, created not only for reading but also for playing with and having fun! Books make great friends and good teachers for children. If you give our books as a birthday present, children will never be disappointed, saying "ewwww, a book???" They will jump for joy, because Clever Books are written and illustrated by some of the world's best authors and artists from around the globe.

In the seven years since the founding of our company, we have far outgrown our first tiny office of three employees. Today we are an ambitious company with our own traditions, ideas and a tight-knit, creative team of 100+ professionals.

Our goal is to publish books that will meet the demands and tastes of children today. Not only are our products produced to the highest of quality, but they are helpful in developing the most important life skills: teaching kids to love and appreciate books and allowing parents to spend quality time with their children.

Welcome to our Clever world!
About us in numbers
Our mission:
Create a wonderful world of ideas for adults and children!
Our motto:
Make our children happy!
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