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Board Books (0-3 years)
Board Books (0-3 years)
Mini board books
Titles: My First Words, My Home, Animal World, Clever Baby, Learn to Talk, Mini-books for Girls, Mini-books for Boys
Format: Box, 15/9 board books, 10 pp. each, full-color illustrations, magnetic closure
Size: box — 180×261 mm (7"×10") / 180×161 mm (7"×6"); book — 45×47 mm (2"×2")
Age: 0-3 years
Blocks have been around for a long time — but Clever has transformed the traditional block format into something entirely new — and fun. Our bestselling mini board books feature a unique set of blocks that are actually board books. Colorful illustrations help young explorers learn and memorize new sounds and first words. After finishing a play session, children can stack the cubes like a pyramid, sort them by color, or place them back into the carrying case by matching each book with a corresponding picture in the box.
I Learn ... By Myself
Titles: I Learn Numbers By Myself, I Learn To Read By Myself, I Learn Forms By
Myself, I Learn Colors By Myself, Funny Animals
Different formats and sizes
Age: 0-3 years
Brand NEW series for the very little ones to learn basic concepts by themselves! 4 titles: Numbers, Shapes, Colors and Animals, each one in its own unique format.
Max the Rabbit (Books with Puzzle)
Titles: Max The Rabbit Gets A Present, Max The Rabbit Learns To Swim, Max The Rabbit Digs A Hole, Max The Rabbit Plays Hide-And-Seek
Format: board, 12 pp., full-color illustrations, die-cut elements
Size: 150 x 150 mm
Age: 0-3 years
Meet Max the Rabbit —the cutest and kindest rabbit in the world. Your child will surely love Max and eagerly follow his adventures. On each spread of this sturdy cardboard book you will find a puzzle piece – and a spot at the end of the book to put all the pieces together.
Lift-The-Flap Books
Titles: Colors Around Us; My First Number Book 1 To 10
Format: board, 18 pp., full-color illustrations, die-cut elements
Size: 222 x 265 mm
Age: 0-3 years
A creatively designed system of flap-windows turns a learning activity into an exciting game. With a new topic on each page children will learn colors, names of different animals and objects and how to count to ten.
Photo Books
Titles: Animals; Colors; Colors, Numbers and Shapes; Fruit and Berries; Transport
Format: board, 20 pp., high quality photographs
Size: 95 x 95 mm (4" x 4")
Age: 0-3 years
Covering a wide range of subjects, these colorful board books were purposefully created to enhance a baby's developing vision. Share them with infants as an introduction to important basic topics like colors, numbers, and animals. Toddlers have fun learning to hold the books in their tiny hands, turning the sturdy board pages, and repeating the words that adults read to them.
Giant Photo Books
Titles: I Learn Colors, Shapes And Objects; Learning Colors And Numbers
Format: board, 24 pp., high quality photographs; rounded corners; arctic-silk cover
Size: 275 x 280 mm (10.75" x 11")
Age: 0-3 years
What does the number 2 look like? How many squirrels are there on the page? Which flower is red? Colorful images in these books will entertain children and help them discover the world around them by counting, naming and identifying the objects.
Activity (0-3 years)
Look & Find Photo Books
Titles: Learning Numbers; Colors & Shapes; Animals; Seasons; Favorite Food; Transportation; My Home
Format: hardcover, 24 pp., full-color illustrations
Size: 176 × 187 mm (7 × 7.25 in)
Age: 0-3 years
Have fun finding, naming, and counting the colorful animals and objects on every page. Learn the numbers 1 to 10 or explore a wide world of colors and shapes. Each book offers prompts for storytelling and additional questions to help children develop their imaginative skills.
Look & Find, Little One
Titles: Seasons, In The Forest, In The Park, In the Zoo, Kindergarten, Transport, Winter
Format: hardcover, binding, 24 pp., full-color illustrations
Size: 170 × 180 mm (7 × 7 in)
Age: 0-3 years
With panoramic illustrations on each spread and appealing reoccurring characters, the classic 'look and find' book is now available to the youngest readers. These imaginative books welcome curious toddlers to adventures in familiar places — the kindergarten, the park, the town. Short texts with stimulating questions are expertly designed for young readers, making this series a great introduction to the animals, objects, situations, and events that fill their days.
Find & Color
Titles: At Home; Animals; On The Farm
Format: paperback, 24pp., full-color illustrations
Size: 233 × 248 mm (9.25 × 9.75 in)
Age: 0-3 years
Every page of these innovative and unusual books features hidden objects for a child to find and color. All the images have thick outlines to make them more accessible to a toddler just learning to hold a pencil.
Look & Find Sticker Books
Titles: Transport; My House
Format: paperback, 24pp., full-color illustrations; 2 sheets of stickers
Size: 210 × 280 mm (8.25 × 11 in)
Age: 0-3 years
These amazing sticker activity books will entertain your child for hours. Bright illustrations with missing details to be filled in, skill-building drawings to try, and appealing images to color — all these and many more challenging activities help develop children's abilities to focus, think creatively, and use their imagination.
Fiction (4+ years)
Stories For Younger Readers
Titles: Brave Duckling; Happy Little Pigs
Format: hardcover, 36 pp., full-color illustrations
Size: 220 x 220 mm (8.75 x 8.75 in)
Age: 4-6 years
Here are two engaging collections of stories to enchant the newest readers. Each book contains 17 stories printed in an easily readable, large type size and features colorful illustrations. Spend many wonderful evenings reading together with your child. Help your young reader better understand the parts that are challenging, discuss the texts, and ask questions — what a great way for a child to learn to love reading!
I Read By Myself
Titles: Mom Will Be Back Soon; Pea All Year Round; Dana And Grandpa; Mary, Lizzy And Fluffy
Format: hardcover, 36 pp., full-color illustrations
Size: 157 x 238 mm (6'' x 9.5'')
Age: 4-6 years
An exciting new line of small books for children who have recently learned to read. A child may read the stories from beginning to end by himself, or read along with his parents. The stories in each of these books are related in theme, but can also be read individually.
Activity (4+ years)
Look & Find
Titles: For Girls, For Boys, Animals, Professions
Format: hardcover, board, 24 pp., full-color illustrations
Size: 245 × 300 mm (10" × 12")
Age: 4-6 years
Can you spot the wisest owl? Can you find the panda who's having a birthday today? How about the bunny who's holding a paint brush? Loaded with hundreds of stunning, attention-grabbing illustrations, Clever's Look and Find Books provide hours of fun for the entire family. There are several things to find and stimulating questions to answer on every page.
Travel Games
Titles: Travel Drawing Ideas; Travel Games On The Go; Travel Doodling Ideas; Travel Puzzle Ideas
Format: Box, 45 laminated board cards, full-color illustrations
Size: box – 150 x 130 x 30 mm (6" x 5.75" x 1.25"); cards – 145 x 115 mm (4.5" x 5.75")
Age: 4-6 years
The 90 exciting and educational activities in each box are perfect for keeping a child engaged during a road trip or other journey. There are 45 double-sided laminated activity cards for puzzles and games. After play, just clean them with a wet cloth and the set is ready to go again!
Coloring & Activity Books
Titles: Transport, Plants, Sea Creatures, In The City, Animals, In The Country, The Yummiest Coloring and Activity Book, Princesses, Mermaids and Fairies Coloring and Activity Book, Traveller's Best Coloring and Activities Book Best Coloring Book About Animals; Best Coloring Book About Seasons
Format: softcover, 48-pp., full-color illustrations; 2 sheets of stickers
Size: 215 × 250 mm (8.5" x 9.75")
Age: 4-6 years
Color by number illustrations, mysterious mazes, and many other fun games and challenges are waiting in the chock-full pages of these big puzzle books. Children can use them on their own or share activities with family or friends — either way they're in for days of absorbing fun. Every page offers great illustrations to color and there's room to draw and doodle, too.
Take-Along Coloring Books
Titles: For Rainy Days Just for Boys; For Rainy Days Just for Girls; Playing At Home: Rainy Day Artist; Playing At Home: Artist On The Go
Format: soft cover, adhesive binding, tear-away sheets, 108 pp., full-color illustrations
Size: 148 × 190 mm (6" × 7")
Age: 6+ years
Is there a family trip or a vacation coming up? Lightweight and small enough to fit into luggage or a backpack, here are the perfect books to take along. Each title in the series is packed with beautifully illustrated puzzles. After completing a puzzle, the reader can tear it out and save it before moving on to the next challenge.
Big Book Of Brain Games
Titles: Big Book Of Brain games For Girls; Big Book Of Brain games For Boys
Format: soft cover, adhesive binding, tear-away sheets, 108 pp., full-color illustrations, velcro fastener
Size: 215 × 250 mm (8" × 10")
Age: 6+ years
Every title in this appealing series is crammed full of puzzles, mazes, quizzes and other activities that help develop a sense of logic and creative thinking. Children can draw and doodle in them, completing the challenges alone or with friends or parents. The lightweight and convenient format, with a Velcro fastener and tear-away pages, allows them to take the books along on a hike
or vacation.
Christmas Titles
Mini board books - My First Christmas Words
Format: Box, 15 board books, 10 pp. each full-color illustrations, magnetic closure
Size: box — 180×261 mm; book — 45 × 47 mm
Age: 0-3 years
Long awaited Christmas edition of Clever bestselling mini board books. Colorful illustrations help young explorers learn first Christmas words through play. After finishing a play session, children can stack the cubes like a pyramid, sort them by color, or put the Christmas tree puzzle together.
Christmas Eve With The Pirates
Format: board, 14 pp., full-color illustrations, die-cut flaps
Size: 245 × 247 mm (9.75 x 9.75 in)
Age: 0-3 years
A special treasure for young readers who love to play as they read, this interactive lift-the-flap book features a crew of unexpectedly endearing pirate characters sure to entertain children and their parents as well! Bountiful surprises, a rollicking and joyous story, and a pirate's trove of hidden treasures under each flap make for a truly memorable holiday experience.
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